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Optical Lab On Premises

We have had our own optical lab on site from day one. We use state of the art Santenelli edgers. Tis means a lower cost to you! Since we control the edging process, we can eliminate the middleman and offer significantly lower pricing on premium products such as progressive and AR coatings.

The advantage of having this equipment in house are:

  1. We stock most single vision lenses allowing us to make your glasses same day or while you wait.
  2. We can order custom progressive lenses and edge them on site so you won’t have to surrender your current glasses to the lab for a week or two. We only need them for 1-2 hours.
  3. We control the quality. Your lenses are filled with flawless accuracy. We are sticklers on accuracy and cosmetic appearance. Any lenses that do not meet our strict standards are immediately rejected.
  4. Your frames and lenses are treated like fine jewelry and finished to be cosmetically perfect.
  5. Our computerized edges cuts lenses with great precision and accuracy, so you won’t end up with lenses that loosen up or even fall out.


Your Optometrist Dr. Michael Foyle has MOVED!

Effective August 1st, 2022, Dr. Foyle is pleased to announce he has merged his eye care practice with optometrist Dr. Stephen Moffett and has relocated his office to ENCINITAS VISION.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Foyle at his new location:

CALL: (760) 634-1957