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Patient Testimonials; We appreciate your kind remarks and we at Dr. Foyle's office will always strive to provide the best possible care!


"Dr Foyle saved me from having unneccesary surgery. I was scheduled to have Lasik surgery but my wife urged me to get a second opinion. I went to Dr Foyle and he explained to me that I also had cataracts and  a better choice would be do the cataract surgery now, making the Lasik surgery  completely unneccesary. Not only did I save on the cost of Lasik, my insurance paid for the cataract surgery! Thanks Dr Foyle, I'll always be grateful." NE, Solana Beach.


"Great office, great staff, great doc. Been a patient there for over 30 yrs, won't go any where else." PA Cardiff.


"I love the quality of Dr Foyle's eye exam. It seems that every time I go in for an exam, he has some new type of equipment. I love the fact that he stays so up to date. Also, his frame selection is the best." CC Solana Beach


"OMG, did I make a mistake. I wear contact lenses and have been a patient of Dr Foyle's  for years. We recently moved from Solana Beach to Vista, not that far, but with little kids, I thought that I would try another office close to home. I didn't realize how great I had with Dr Foyle's office. The service and exam wasn't even close to the same quality. Everything at the new office was more expensive. The new Dr even charged me a $250 fitting fee even though my prescription hadn't changed! Dr Foyle never did that. I definitly learned my lesson, I'll be back to Dr Foyle's for my next exam." AE Vista.


"I have been going to Dr Foyle's office for years. The Dr and entire office are all so friendly and knowledgable. Dr Foyle always takes the time to answer all my questions during the eye exam. I like the fact that when he is done, he always asks if we covered everything and do I have any other questions?" PJ Solana Beach.


"I made an appointment with Dr Foyle because I was having terrible headaches and it had been 5 years since my last eye exam. I wear glasses and just thought that my prescription had changed. When he looked inside my eyes, he said that my headaches were probably caused from having very high blood pressure because he saw bleeding in my retina. He was very concerned and insisted that I be checked that day. I saw my doctor that afternoon and he too was shocked because my blood pressure was 220/130. I've since been medicated to control my high blood pressure. Thanks, Dr Foyle, believe me, I'll have my eyes examined every year from now on." BJ Del Mar.