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Cataracts are caused primarily due to the aging process. The internal crystalline lens of eye that is used for focusing, gradually forms opacities or becomes cloudy, causing our vision to become blurry as we get older. This starts to happen when we are in our 50's, but is present to some extent in almost everyone over the age of 70. Only a comprehensive vision exam will be able to determine if you have cataracts, as they are not visible to the naked eye.


Cataract formation is also very dependent on the amount of UV light exposure that your eyes have been subjected to over the years. So if you're a surfer, golfer, skier, tennis player, etc., that has spent years in the sun without the protection of UV absorbing sun glasses, you are more likely to see cataract changes in your 50's. However, many of our older patients past 70, due quite well with cataracts and do not necessarily need to have surgery. As long as your vision is not impaired enough to cause problems, many of these patients can live their entire lives without having cataract surgery.

The above photo is an actual of photo of a cataract. Notice the dark streaks that appear in the pupil(this is the acutal cataract starting to form). Again, this image was taken by an optical instrument with a special lens and cannot be seen by the naked eye.

HOW DO I KNOW IF I NEED CATARACT SURGERY?                             


Generally, if you have cataracts and are experiecning symptoms such as blurred vision, glare or night blindness and you did not pass your DMV test to renew your license, you may be a candidate for cataract surgery. This will depend on whether or not a new glass or contact lens prescription is able to improve your vision to a satisfactory level . Only a comprehensive vision exam will be able to determine that.


Dr. Foyle has co-managed and advised 1000's of cataract patients over the past 35 years. He sits on the Advisory Board of one of the largest and most prestigeous cataract surgical groups in the world. He will help make your surgical decision easier, because of his vast experience in dealing with the visual needs of cataract patients. He will be there throughtout the entire process to answer all of your questions prior to the surgery. He is also pleased to offer comprehensive cataract co-management care, so that most of your follow up visits can be done locally right in our office. If you have any questions about cataracts, please call our office for a complete exam or cataract consultation.